Accessorizing Your Child’s CI

Sometimes you or your child is going to be unhappy with how obvious or unappealing the external portion

Cochleair implantaat

Cochleair implantaat (Photo credit: Dick Sijtsma)

of a CI is. As large pieces of plastic attached to your child’s head, it can be hard for others not to notice it immediately. Your child may want to suppor her/his favorite sport or team with fun designs. Or your child may just be whimsical and love accessories. Whatever the reason for your desire to change the appearance of as CI, have no fear! There are lots of options available.

Cochlears for Kids did some investigating on how to accessorize the speech processor and transmitter. We found some great ideas. Cochlear, a leading brand, has designed sleeves to fit their Nucleus speech processor. These offer fun colors and patterns for your child’s BTE (behind the ear) unit. We also found a couple of blogs that feature designs for cochlear implants. This blog contains accounts from children themselves and why they like to decorate their cochlear implants, and this one is an entire blog about how to “pimp” hearing aids and cochlear implants.

We did notice, however, that most of these decoration are for young girls. This trend is not because girls are more likely to be deaf. In fact, the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind states that white males are more likely to be deaf than females (and whites are more likely to be deaf than blacks or Hispanics). So decorations for girls most likely stems from the societal acceptance that girls can have fun things in there hair. As such, we found this cool site that designs sport like headbands and features a few for males (just look at the young boy with his football headband!)

Have fun picking out how your child’s cochlear implant should look!