Biking for Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are expensive. The device, surgery, and immediate therapy costs $50,000. While insurance companies have begun to cover the costs, the price is still a barrier for some families. This concern can result in families hesitating before getting the device. The longer they wait is the less effective the technology is due to a delay in the child’s learning. Additionally, there are not many non-profits that help fund pediatric cochlear implants.

Jacob Landis is trying to rectify this issue. this 24-year-old, who received an implant at age 10, is riding more than 10,000 miles and traveling to every ballpark to raise $1 million dollars in hopes of funding cochlear implants for 100 children. Jacob will be travelling fro 6 months to raise awareness about cochlear implants for children with profound hearing loss.

Jacob offers an interesting case in which an individual who has a cochlear implant takes action to help provide others with this technology. Jacob contrasts with individuals who are firmly in the Deaf World and do not advocate for cochlear implants. Read more about Jacob’s journey at